Kraft Counter Rolls

Natural Kraft is the economical, recyclable, and all purpose packaging solution you need.

Our natural forest kraft comes from the finest paper mills in America. We can produce custom sizes that range in basis weight from 30# to 75# to match your requests.


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An Industrial Packaging solution

Proudly made in the USA

What kraft counter rolls can do for you:

Kraft paper can be used as an economical way to protect the end products from scratches, mishandling, etc. Cushioning is provided by filling the empty spaces within the container. 100% recycled.


  • Sourced from FSC & SFI certified paper mills. This ensures that our products come from well managed forests which provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.
  • California weight & measure certified products. Ensures accuracy when it comes to commercial weighing and measuring devices.
  • Smoothness and strength. Our Kraft rolls provide superior tear strength and puncture resistance.
  • Pricing. Our rates are conveniently priced to accommodate our customer’s demands.

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