Chipboard Rolls

Our recycled chipboard paper is created with more newsprint fibers than traditional OCC.
As a result, this presents less imperfections and is an incredible option for any industrial use.

We provide a wide variety of calipers and the rolls can be custom sized depending on what your project’s needs are.

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Flat top

Tidland top flat slitters

What chipboard rolls can do for you:

Need a specific size for your chipboard rolls? We can accommodate your needs for the projects you’re working on. Storage options are also available with us if you don’t have a place to put your inventory. We at Crown Paper Converting are proud of our very economical solutions which are designed to make everything easy for you.


  • Easy to handle: Very accessible by the time you need to ship them You can stack or move them from one place to another.
  • Custom lengths available: We can custom size the width of the roll and the linear footage. You’ll get exactly what you ask for.
  • Less imperfections: Our chipboard paper always goes through extensive quality control to ensure that our products will last and meet all the requirements for any industrial use.
  • pH neutral: Our acid-free paper is far more preservable than normal paper in the market.
  • Different core size options: We can transfer the paper roll to other core sizes.

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