Pallet Pads

A pallet pad is a recycled chipboard sheet designed to protect your products from the bothersome dirt, nails, and splinters that commonly plague wooden pallets.

Crown specializes in pallet pads and divider sheets to offer more economical types of industrial board than any other converter in the industry.

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Recycled chipboard sheets

What pallet pads can do for you:

Our pallet pads provide a simple yet cost-efficient and essential upgrade to your pallets by creating a stable foundation. You can easily place them on top of your pallets. Using our pallet pads will prevent bagged products from bulging between the gaps. They are 100% recycled and reusable.


  • Assists in keeping out rodents from your products.
  • Protects your products from nails, mishandling, dirt, splinters, etc.
  • Provides a flat deck surface on pallets.
  • A wide variety of calipers (paper thickness) are available.

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