Masking Rolls

Strong, flexible, and pliable paper improves productivity since you can adapt its shape to the environment you’re working in.

Crown’s masking paper is specifically designed for jobs involving water-based materials. It can also handle residential jobs for painting, artwork, etc. Small industrial jobs such as woodworking and remodeling can also utilize masking paper. You will often see contractors using masking paper to protect floors from potential damage.

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Flat top

Tidland top flat slitters

What masking rolls can do for you:

Our masking rolls are an economic alternative to materials used to protect the areas of the structure or workpiece that cannot be painted over. Additionally, our masking paper will prevent dust and/or foreign particles from settling on sensitive work environments, protect contours/margins, and preserve the original design of the area being painted.

Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.


  • Formulated for water based materials. Resistant against moisture, paint, etc.
  • An amazing option for drawing and wrapping packaging materials.
  • Efficient for painting projects involving houses or cars.
  • Custom size rolls and linear footage are available.

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