Tier sheets

The combination of Crown’s ability to round the corners on sheets and our close ties with paper mills allows us to offer some of the most affordable tier sheets in the industry.

Crown’s durable tier sheets are the modern replacements for the chipboard separators typically used in the manufacture of glass, plastic containers, and metal cans.
Sheets are specifically designed to lay flat and be extremely durable for long-term use.

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What tier sheets can do for you:

Our tier sheets are the perfect alternatives for an economical solution when it comes to protecting your product during handling and transportation. It can be reused for cost efficiency and helps to protect your product during the strapping process.


  • We offer diagonal cuts or round cut corners so they will not puncture stretch wrap.
  • Wide variety of caliper (paper thickness).
  • More tier sheets will fit on a pallet when compared to traditional corrugated sheets.
  • Provide a more precise cut than corrugated sheets.

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