Push & Pull Sheets

Push & pull sheets solve both cost and volume problems.
Not only are they far less expensive than wooden pallets, but they also take up a fraction of the warehouse and trailer space.

Crown Paper has used innovation to make lighter slip sheets without compromising their strength. Crown carries secondary fiber sheets and new solid fiber sheets. The cost for slip sheets are about 10% less than leading manufacturers.

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Easily foldable

Clearly marked slit sheets

What push & pull sheets can do for you:

Our Push & Pull slip sheets can take the place of wooden pallets by providing a lower cost and more efficient way to ship. They can be customized to fit any load size. Not only do they weigh approximately 20 times less than wooden pallets, but they’re also reusable and reliable to provide the best return on your investments.


  • Strength. Our Push & Pull sheets are proven to hold up to 5,000 pounds.
  • Minimum orders availability. We provide the option to arrange a minimum order of 500 sheets.
  • Lead time. We take pride in providing a reliable lead time of 3-5 days once the order is placed.

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